2009 International School
in Nuclear Engineering

2009 International School in Nuclear Engineering

About the school

A new sodium cooled <br/>fast reactor design
- Objectives

The INSTN and the Nuclear Energy Division (DEN) of CEA are continuing their international school in Nuclear Engineering, aiming at promoting knowledge in the field of reactor physics and engineering at a high education level.

- Program of courses

The third session will offer 10 advanced courses in nuclear engineering (one module per week) to be held in Saclay, France, during the period September-November 2009:

  1. Reactor Core Physics: Deterministic and Monte Carlo Methods
  2. Materials for Reactor Fuels and Structures
  3. LWR and FR thermal-Hydraulics, Fuel Design and Safety
  4. Experimental Validation and Calibration of Numerical Simulation Models
  5. Reactor Multiphysics and Fuel Management
  6. Bifurcation, Stability and Chaos in Nuclear Systems
  7. Nuclear Fuels for Light Water Reactors and Fast Reactors
  8. Fuel Cycle Back-End and Reprocessing
  9. Reactor Dismantling and Waste Management
  10. Experimental Nuclear Techniques

Lecturers are internationally known experts from leading universities and research institutes in the nuclear field.

Dowload: leaflet of the 2009 international school

- Participants

The doctoral-level courses address both PhD students and post-docs in nuclear research. Three ECTS will be awarded for each successfully completed course.

These courses are also well suited for established engineers wishing to further their knowledge or diversify their skills in advanced nuclear science and engineering.

- Registration: Information on registration

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