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Measurement uncertainties


  • Use adequately the basic concepts of metrology and statistics.
  • List and estimate all the uncertainties contributing to a given measurement.
  • Combine all these uncertainties and calculate the final uncertainty on the measurement.
  • Give the proper expression of a final result.


Technical staff and engineers involved in measurement activities.

Pre-requisite : Bachelor, Licence or Master of Science in mathematics, physics or chemistry.

Course content

  • Statistics and probability : review of basic concepts.
  • Metrological terms and standard uncertainty concept.
  • Standard uncertainties in measurement results and other data : how to evaluate ?
  • Combined standard uncertainty : how to calculate ?
  • Expanded uncertainty, coverage factor and level of confidence.
  •  How to write a final result ?
  • Applications, especially to radioactivity measurements.

The concepts and rules are taught according to the "Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)" ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008.


  • 50% brief lectures and discussions with the trainees ;
  • 50% lab sessions.

Maximum number of trainees : 18.

This course includes lab sessions using ionizing radiations. Please comply with the conditions stated in the terms of sale.


Programme manager: Jean-Christophe Bodineau (Saclay)

Collaboration : CEA (DRT/List/Detecs/LNHB, DEN/CAD/D2S/SPR)


4 days (24h)

Registration fees

2 060 €

Reference : 809

Dates and location


• Dates to be defined. Please, contact us for more information.


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