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Physique des réacteurs

De Paul Reuss

Collection Génie atomique

EDP Sciences

670 pages

Août 2008

ISBN 978-2-7598-0041-4

Table des matières

Neutron Physics

Originally just an offshoot of nuclear physics, neutron physics soon became a branch of physics in its own right. It deals with the movement of neutrons in nuclear reactors and all the nuclear reactions they trigger there, particularly the fission of heavy nuclei which starts a chain reaction to produce energy. Neutron Physics covers the whole range of knowledge of this complex science, discussing the basics of neutron physics and some principles of neutron physics calculations.

Because neutron physics is the essential part of reactor physics, it is the main subject taught to students of Nuclear Engineering. This book takes an instructional approach for that purpose. Neutron Physics is also intended for all physicists and engineers involved in development and operational aspects of nuclear power.

The European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) fully supported INSTN, one of its founder members, in publishing this book. For ENEN this book constitutes the first of a series of textbooks intended for students and young professionals in Europe and worldwide, contributing to the creation of the European Educational Area.

Paul Reuss is an alumnus of the Ecole Polytechnique and has a doctorate in physical sciences. He has spent his entire career at the CEA at Saclay and Fontenay-aux-Roses, dividing his time between research and development, teaching, and training.