Businesses, our training course partners

The INSTN works to train people whose skills will generate value for business. This principle applies both to academic and continuing education. The Institute also strives to nurture its relations with companies and institutions that request its scientific, technical or educational expertise.

 Businesses are involved at several levels by:

  • contributing to developing training programmes (academic degrees, professional certificates);
  • teaching, with 34% of the INSTN’s teachers coming from the business world (including 13% involved in academic degree courses and professional certifications);
  • hosting our students on internships, apprenticeship or professional training contracts;
  • proposing projects for degrees or diplomas (mini-projects, business plans, assignments, etc.);
  • helping our young graduates successfully start their professional careers;
  • sponsoring graduate programmes (specialised engineering degree in nuclear engineering, master’s degree in nuclear energy);
  • funding the INSTN through the "taxe d’apprentissage" (French apprenticeship tax);
  • ensuring their presence at forums for recruiting trainees or young graduates;
  • participating, with the CFA (apprentice training centre), in monitoring committees for work-study training courses.