Continuing vocational education at the INSTN

Since its creation, the Institute’s purpose has been to transmit knowledge and know-how in nuclear sciences and techniques. This is the result of research undertaken by the CEA which has since given rise to AREVA, ANDRA and the IRSN. The CEA has also expanded its area of expertise, particularly in health technology, micro and nanotechnology and new energy technology.

The INSTN’s economic model is based on the profits from its continuing vocational training business. By adding the subsidy paid by the State to the CEA insofar the INSTN is a public higher education institution, these income streams help fund the development of diploma and degree courses.

Following on from its initial education courses, the INSTN offers jobseekers or employees, short training programmes, including those leading to professional certification. These are designed to update knowledge as well as introduce and perfect new methods and techniques.

The purpose is to accompany employees in performing their duties, adapting to their workstations, developing in a profession and their subsequent career development. This especially applies to thematic or geographical mobility. So, the INSTN helps in maintaining, broadening, renewing and validating skills required by research and industry, and health services and institutions.

INSTN’s continuing vocational education offer comes in various forms:

  • possibility for a jobseeker or employee to enrol for one of our academic programmes to obtain a degree;
  • an inter-company offer comprising almost 260 training courses;
  • assistance in drafting specifications and building up training paths meeting a need of professionalisation and, if required, professional certification;
  • designing and delivering tailored intra-company training programmes;
  • organising training courses in French or English language in various settings.

The INSTN’s geographical presence at five sites (Saclay, Cadarache, Cherbourg-Octeville, Marcoule and Grenoble) also enables it to provide local responses to training needs expressed by individuals and companies.