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Leading a scientific project

Reference: 69B

With this training session, participants will optimize their research duties and strengthen expected competencies especially in the industrial sector, by acquiring the following methods and tools in project management:

  • Locating project’s lead in the innovation process
  • Identifying the project process, use it as a guideline and enjoy the challenges
  • Developing a common and universally shared language
  • Identifying all stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities and their missions
  • Identifying the key success factors and performance criteria
  • Applying the main tools of project management
  • Positioning oneself as a project manager and develop leadership
  • Optimizing teamwork.
PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and other scientists involved in research and/or industrial R&D, laboratory leaders.

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Topic 1 - The Project Process
  • Topic 2 - The Initiation Phase
  • Topic 3 - The Feasibility Phase

Day 2

  • Topic 4 - The Definition Phase
  • Topic 5 - Structuring the Project
  • Topic 6  - The Project Risk Control
  • Topic 7 - The Schedule Baseline

Day 3

  • Topic 8 - The Financial Benefits of the Project
  • Topic 9 - Project Management Plan - Execution Phase
  • Topic 10 - Closing Phase and Transfer Phase

The teaching methods include sharing best practices and a situational exercise by simulation of the course of a project.

Sharing best practices is characterized by:

  • the alternation between theoretical lectures, practice aned debriefing,
  • taking into account the experience ans skills of the trainees,
  • exchanges between participants about their projects and their practices,
  • making the presentation real by telling real case encountered by the trainer

With active teaching methods, attendees also get to practise, from the very first moment of the training and through role-playing, the various skills and techniques they have acquired, by using a project's simulator to:

  • address the difficulties related to the implementation of the methods,
  • work on the behavior,
  • simulate the complexity of the real world,
  • take into account the human factor,
  • train to present the results of the team,
  • organize to lead a project in meeting quality, cost and time objectives.

Session 2020


1110 €


3 days (21 hours)

  • 9-11 June 2020
  • 6-8 October 2020

Programme manager

  • M. Jean-Luc ZIMMERMANN
    Phone number: +33 1 69 08 88 97

Course organiser

  • Mme Irfana GUELAH

Ref. 69B - Leading a scientific project

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Session 2021

No training session is currently scheduled for 2021. Contact us.

Ref. 69B - Leading a scientific project

Attached documents in pdf/docx/xlsx formats - max. 5Mo
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