The advantages of continuing vocational education with the INSTN

INSTN’s educational policy and plan for continuing vocational education are part of European and French legislation and are based on several strengths and assets:

  • a benchmark training institution;
  • a lifelong learning training offer for operators to researchers, matching the needs expressed by our clients;
  • a structured inter-company training offer built on topics and training schemes geared to “professions, activities, skills and certification”;
  • a responsive intra-company training offer;
  • expert, multi-disciplinary educational teams;
    • design of training and certification constantly improved and renewed;
    • dual-expert teaching staff, both teaching and working in the fields of their own expertise;
    • tried and tested, efficient logistics;
  • areas of expertise in the latest developments of research and the industrial practices;
  • interactive and participatory teaching methods combining theory and practice, enabling real or simulated role-play work situations;
  • aids, platforms, materials and educational publications for learning;
  • a balanced roll-out of digital technology;
  • commitment to a certified quality system;
  • value for money optimised guaranteeing the best offer.