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A benchmark training institution

Today, the INSTN sets the standard as a higher education institution and a continuing vocational training organisation in the field of nuclear sciences and techniques, both nationally and Europe-wide. The INSTN is recognised as the French Nuclear Academy.

Nationally, in the field of radiation protection, the INSTN plays an active role in the CEFRI (French Committee providing certifications to companies to train and monitor staff working with ionising radiation). The Institute is CEFRI “F”-certified (risk prevention) and CEFRI “R”-certified (qualified staff in radiation protection - personne compétente en radioprotection).

The Institute is approved by the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) to deliver ADR 8.2 - Specialisation class 7 training courses (transport of radioactive materials).

In the fields of nuclear environment, clean-up and decommissionning nuclear facilities, the INSTN manages and facilitates the EMEIN Grouping (teaching for professions operating nuclear facilities) which brings together nuclear operators, their sub-contractors and the INSTN’s academic partners.

With its extensive experience on the international scene, the INSTN is involved in the European process and participates in building partnerships and facilitating networks such as: European projects, trialling the ECVET system (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training), requests from public authorities, supporting French nuclear industry in the training component of its export ventures, bilateral cooperation initiatives undertaken by CEA and IAEA technical cooperation programmes.

The Institute is a founding member of the ENEN (European Nuclear Education Network) Association. This is a network established in 2003 and chaired by the Institute until 2013. It brings together all European higher education institutions and training organisations who teach and promote nuclear sciences and techniques.

On May 25, 2016, for a four-year period, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) designated the INSTN as a “ Collaborating Centre ” for education and training in nuclear technologies, industrial and radiopharmaceutical applications. The INSTN becomes the first “ Collaborating Centre ” of the IAEA in France. It also became the only one in Europe and the second in the world, for education and training in the nuclear sector.