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Expert multi-disciplinary teams

In the planning stage to design and develop each training course, the INSTN forms an expert educational team with multi-disciplinary skills. This includes: 

  • a programme manager;
  • a scientific or technical advisor, if required;
  • a training course organiser;
  • one or several trainers.

The programme manager is skilled and experienced in training design and professional certifications design, and is a specialist in a specific area. His/Her duties consist in: 

  • analysing training needs (audience profile, workstation circumstances, operational activities and objectives, skills required, etc.);
  • identifying learning objectives;
  • building a teaching scenario;
  • choosing teaching aids and methods;
  • selecting and supervising the trainers;
  • coordinating the delivery of training sessions;
  • assessing the sessions for continuous improvement.

If the programme manager thinks it necessary, they can bring in a scientific or technical advisor to help design and deliver the training, particularly to validate its scientific or technical content. This advisor has a background in research laboratories, experimental platforms, basic nuclear installations or industrial teams, which contribute to develop the training course.

The programme manager is also supported by a training course organiser. As a close contact for the training stakeholders within our client companies, the organiser takes care of administrative management, the reception of trainees and lecturers, as well as logistical aspects of the training sessions. The training organiser is experienced in assisting managers and logistical arrangements. They work for the benefit of everyone involved, to prepare, run and conclude the training course as effectively as possible.

The programme manager assembles the best trainers and guides them in their contributions. As national and international professional experts in the field they teach, the trainers provide course content that is constantly adapted to scientific and technical developments and updated in terms of knowledge, methods, practices and regulations.

The trainers are selected and assessed on criteria relating to professional and educational, scientific and technical expertise. They are trained in teaching techniques, especially participatory and active learning methods.

In addition to its own staff (who deliver a quarter of the training), the INSTN has a unique faculty of 1,400 experts from various professions in research and the nuclear industry (CEA, IRSN, EDF, AREVA, ANDRA, etc.) as well as in health institutions and services.