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A structured inter-company training offer

The INSTN’s inter-company continuing education offer is geared to professionals from research or institutional organisations, large industrial groups, SMEs/SMIs and health institutions or services, etc. It is organised into 5 themes split into 35 topics and 38 training schemes:

This offer is constantly updated and improved to keep pace with changes in knowledge, methods and techniques, and regulation, as well changing market needs. The training schemes proposed are gradually organised around professions, activities and areas of expertise of the companies and their employees.

Some training courses offered lead to professional certifications. Assessing skills implemented during, or after, the training course makes it possible to award to trainees individual certificates which are recognised by the companies as contributing to the qualification of staff for specific jobs. In France, professional certifications are eligible for the "compte personnel de formation" (CPF) which is an individual learning account allowing French employees or job seekers to benefit from training hours throughout their professional life.