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Our commitment to a certified quality system

The INSTN is firmly committed to improving the quality of the continuing vocational education activities it offers. It does this by adjusting its topics to technological developments in research and by innovating in the teaching methods it uses. Whether the focus is on inter- or intra-company training courses, everyone benefits from the CEA’s high-performance in terms of human resources, material and software, as well as its expertise and that of its partners.

A continuous improvement process

Just like the Deming Cycle, the INSTN’s quality system forms a continuous improvement loop.

As part of its quality policy, which is built into its management, the Institute sets progress targets, indicators and target values. These are set out in an improvement action plan.

Each year, a full system review (by unit, programme, process and management) gauges customer satisfaction, targets reached and system effectiveness, while determining a new set of priority actions for improvement.

A certified quality management system

The INSTN’s quality management system is defined by a quality manual, processes, procedures and document templates. These documents meet the requirements of several standards and constitute a good practice guide for designing and delivering our training courses.

 • ISO 9001:2008

Logo-Afaq-9001The INSTN has been ISO 9001-certified since July 2001 for “the design and delivery of continuing training activities, with the exception of regulatory training courses (covered by an accreditation or another certificate)”. Certification applies to all the INSTN’s sites.
Current AFNOR certificate



Logo-CEFRIThe INSTN has been CEFRI “F”-certified since 1993 (CEFRI - French Committee providing certifications to companies to train and monitor staff working with ionising radiation). The certificate applies to a range of options offered in the field of risk prevention training. Current CEFRI certificate

Since July 2016, the INSTN is also CEFRI “R”-certified for the training of staff in radiation protection called  “Personnes compétentes en radioprotection-(PCR)" in France. Certification applies to the following levels and sectors: level 2, “Industry” sector ('sealed sources' and 'unsealed sources' options) ; level 3, "Nuclear Reactor" sector and "Laboratories, factories and waste management sites" sector. Current CEFRI certificate

• ADR 8.2 - Class 7

The Institute is accredited by the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) to deliver ADR 8.2 - Specialisation class 7 training courses (transport of radioactive materials).