Further training courses

The INSTN offers training for young researchers (PhD students and Post-Docs) to help them manage their PhD studies, broaden their knowledge of the business world and prepare them for their future careers.

The purpose of these training courses is to:

  • make young researchers aware of their position in the world of scientific innovation;
  • acquire the keys to understanding the business world and its socio-economic challenges;
  • identify career prospects as a whole;
  • facilitate the acquisition of cross-functional skills by experimenting with techniques, methods and tools specific to technology transfer in their research area.

 Our training offer

Among the training courses for PhD students, five of them award ECTS credits.
One course is specifically intended for engineers and researchers supervising PhD students.

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PhD students beginning their theses

  • Scientific integrity (in preparation)
    Provide PhD students and young researchers with the foundations of scientific integrity, which is essential to work in the field of research.

  • Develop your thesis and your career plans (CVT)
    Conduct your PhD thesis as a scientific and professional development project while identifying the advantages of training by research to eventually help find employment

1st year PhD students and post-docs

2nd and 3rd year PhD students and post-docs

  • Leading a scientific project (CPS) 
    Optimise your research and reinforce required skills, especially in industry, by acquiring methods and tools to manage scientific projects
  • Technology transfer and innovation in the industry (VRIE)
    Prepares you to take part in innovative projects in business or the public sector by appropriating the  tools and methods for the technico-economic diagnostic of an innovative project and by experimenting with tools to transfer technology and start-up new businesses

 3rd year PhD students


Engineers and researchers supervising PhD students