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Five- year review of developing mobility of researchers

Funded by the EU and the CEA and led by INSTN, the Eurotalents programme has financed the mobility of over 200 researchers.

One of INSTN's missions is to recruit, administer and coordinate all CEA doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. As part of this mission, between January 2014 and December 2018 our Institute led a European programme called Enhanced Eurotalents, which encourages and supports the mobility of researchers, and is co-funded by the CEA and the European Commission under the Marie Curie Actions of the FP7. These exchanges were mainly in 4 key scientific fields: ‘energy, the environment and climate change’, ‘key enabling technologies’, ‘high energy physics and physics of the universe’, and ‘life sciences and biotechnology’.

By the end of the programme, which has just ended, we are pleased with INSTN’s results for the 5-year period: 11 selection sessions, which resulted in funding for the recruitment of 189 foreign post-doctoral researchers by the CEA, and exchange positions in international laboratories for 30 CEA researchers.

Even though co-financing by the European Union ended on the 31st of December 2018, several of these exchanges are still ongoing and now fully funded by the CEA. Following on from Enhanced Eurotalents, a new European doctoral researcher mobility programme has just started, this time in simulation and digital technologies: Numerics.