During their studies, INSTN students can access CEA staff restaurants where they benefit from a special rate of €2.35 per meal for the 2015-2016 academic year. The restaurant card and/or access badge are registered to the holder’s name.

Obtaining a restaurant card

Saclay site

On arrival, students must collect their restaurant card from the teaching assistant for their course.

If the card is lost, the teaching assistant must be immediately informed. Once the procedure to replace it has been made, a new card will be produced and credited with the remaining amount on the lost card.

How to use the card

The card must be credited before the first meal at one of the top-up and payment terminals located in the canteen. According to the terminals, payment can be made by bank card, cheque or cash.


  • If you forget your named card, it is possible to obtain a ‘temporary’ card from the same terminal which is valid for one meal (press category ‘A’ corresponding to the student price).
  • No meals can be taken if the card has a negative balance.
  • If the card is used twice in the same day, the invoiced amount will be the maximum price of €10.55.
  • Pre-loading your card for several meals will avoid you having to queue at the top-up terminals.
  • Please use up your credit before you start your internship as no refunds can be made.

Cadarache site

The teaching assistant will provide temporary restaurant cards on the enrolment day while waiting for the permanent badge. This gives access to the centre but can also be used to pay for meals.

The Cadarache centre has two self-service restaurants. The conditions of use for the badges are the same as for students at Saclay.