INSTN reception formalities

Saclay site

The staff restaurant is located close to the INSTN, outside the CEA centre perimeter. There is no need for a CEA access badge.

Cadarache site

The staff restaurant is located inside the CEA centre and students must have their access badges with them.


Prior to the start of the academic year, the teaching assistants must create preparatory applications to produce the badges.

On the first day of term, students must go the centre’s reception office (glass-fronted building located at the entrance):

  • Students from the “Nuclear Engineering” course can go there without being accompanied, in groups, which have been previously drawn up by the teaching assistant;
  • Student enrolled in the radiation protection courses (Technician Diploma and BTS Advanced Technician Degree) must go to reception accompanied by the teaching assistant.

Once they have shown their ID cards, students will have their photos taken to produce their badges.

While waiting for their permanent badges to arrive, the institution will provide students with temporary written authorisation to enter the site which is valid for two-weeks. Once the deadline to produce the badge has passed (about one week), students will be asked to return the centre’s reception office to collect their permanent badge. To do this, they must have their ID cards and their temporary authorisation. The permanent badge also serves as payment in the staff restaurants and cafeterias (see “catering”).