Teaching facilities

All classrooms are air-conditioned and fitted with video-projectors and computers.
The INSTN has Wifi hotspots at Saclay and Cadarache. User names and passwords can be obtained upon request from the teaching assistants.
Some platforms used or visited as part of the course (experimental reactors, critical models, accelerators, etc.) are located within the confines of the CEA centres.

Saclay site

On the Saclay site, the INSTN has:

  • 20 - 120 seat classrooms,
  • an amphitheatre (310 seats),
  • a 40-seat video room,
  • teaching facilities: an immersive 3D room, practical work laboratories, pressurised water reactor simulators, radiation protection training platforms, etc.,
  • computer rooms with 19 - 25 seats,
  • a telepresence room.

Student facilities

Students have access to specific areas:

  • a video room to watch educational films,
  • a recreation room (foosball tables, space for reading and relaxing),
  • picnic tables.

On prior request, students can acess to the Saclay centre’s scientific library (15, 500 publications, journals and periodicals published by the CEA).

Cadarache site

The Cadarache teaching unit has:

  • 20 - 50 seat classrooms,
  • an amphitheatre (242 seats),
  • a computer room accessible to INSTN students (5 workstations with internet connection and a colour printer),
  • practical work rooms: metrology, pressurised water reactor simulators, research and development codes (Apollo2, Cathare, etc.),
  • a video-conference room,
  • a telepresence room.

INSTN students can access the scientific library located at the Cadarache CEA centre. Opening hours are from 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.