Grants awarded on social grounds

CROUS grants

Whether students are enrolled with the INSTN at Saclay or at Cadarache, the relevant Crous office is the Crous de l’Académie de Versailles.

To calculate the right to a grant on social grounds, the terms and conditions of awards and creating a dossier social étudiant (DSE student file), please see

Access to DSE student files

INSTN students, including those studying Master’s courses, must formulate their request in the following way:

  • Choice No. 1 - Versailles
  • Other type of course: higher education curriculum leading to a Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Engineering degree course (3rd year)
  • List of institutions: Inst.Sci.Techn.Nucl. Gif-sur-Yvette

INSTN grants

Grants on social grounds allocated by the INSTN supplement grants awarded by the Crous.

EDF grants and EDF Foundation mobility grants

This assistance is only for students enrolled in the specialised engineering degree in “Nuclear Engineering”.