End-of-study internships

During the academic year, students are required to carry out a compulsory internship of a maximum of 6-months (with the exception of DQPRM students where it is 24-months). Interns keep their status as students throughout the period of their work placement.

Internship offers

  • Please consult the teaching assistant for your course.
  • Visit the INSTN website: the INSTN has signed a partnership agreement with the JobTeaser web platform which collects and displays internship, work-study and job offers for students and young graduates.
  • Contact the companies directly
  • Visit the CEA website

Internship agreements

A tripartite agreement (between the education institution, the host company and the student) must be signed one month before the start of the internship.

This standard agreement can be can be obtained from the teaching assistant for your course. Each of the three parties concerned (the director of the host organisation (company or public body), the director of the INSTN and the student) must send back three signed copies of the agreement.

Social security cover

All internships included in the courses have social security coverage. The risk of workplace accidents is covered by the education institution and the host company depending on the amount of the internship allowance.

In all cases, the student must take out civil liability insurance. This enables the students to be covered in the event that they are responsible for an accident to a third party. The student commits to having this insurance when signing their internship agreement. Student health insurance companies have introduced various insurance contracts meeting students’ needs, especially the Assurance universitaire (University Insurance) contract.