Social security cover

Higher education institutions must register their students with the social security scheme. The payment of social security contributions is compulsory on the day of enrolment for all students under 28 years old (unless exempt). Students receiving grants from the Crous are exempt.

Social security rate for 2015-2016 (compulsory contribution): €215.

Student social security covers you from 1 October to 30 September of the following year.

The student social security system is managed by two payment centres and private health insurance companies that students can chose freely from to manage their social security affairs (compulsory contribution).

Although it is recommended that students take out top-up private health insurance offered by the student health insurance companies (optional contribution), this is not mandatory.

Students in employment

Students in employment are exempt from taking out student social security cover is they can present:

  • an apprenticeship contract (student with employee status),
  • a fixed-term or permanent employment contract covering the entire academic year concerned, and as long as this contract features a number of hours equal to or exceeding 60 hours per month.

Remember: if the employment contract (fixed-term or permanent) is broken during the year, registration and payment of contributions to the student social security scheme becomes compulsory. Indeed, once the employment contract has ended, employed students lose their social security coverage and revert to the student social security scheme.

Students from EEA countries

If you already have health insurance, you do not need to join the student social security scheme. If the opposite applies, you must register with the French social security scheme.

Students from countries not part of the EEA

Registration for the French social security system is compulsory.