Areas of expertise in latest developments

Thanks to its years of experience and the cooperation of its partners, the INSTN masters a wide range of areas of expertise:

  • Nuclear energy
  • New energy technology
  • Technico-economic aspects of energy
  • Radiation physics, radiochemistry and materials
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Nuclear research and engineering
  • Project management, worksite management
  • Nuclear operations, maintenance and logistics
  • Waste management, clean-up and decommissioning
  • Nuclear security and safety
  • Radiation protection
  • Detecting and measuring ionising radiation
  • Monitoring of facilities and the environment
  • Nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy, biomedical imaging and medical physics
  • Micro and nanotechnology
  • Training the trainers
  • Careers and scientific jobs.

The knowledge, expertise and expected conduct in each of these areas are derived from the latest research and best industrial practice.