A balanced roll-out of digital technology

The growth of information and communication technology in education (ICT in education), together with generation Y, the economy, global competition, employers and local authorities, all make the case for digitisation in education. They compel higher education institutions and training organisations to keep innovating and developing attractive, interactive and participatory teaching methods and tools to foster learning.

While keeping a close eye on the necessary balance between various teaching approaches and retaining a significant proportion of face-to-face learning, the INSTN has thus undertaken to digitise a part of its teaching and its equipements.

Digitisation in the classrooms

  • Provision of a DMS (Digital Media System) in each classroom to access a video library.
  • Phasing in of white boards and/or interactive video projectors.
  • Electronic clickers at the disposal of teachers to facilitate their lessons (assessment of prerequisites, formative evaluation, assessment of learning outcomes, satisfaction assessment, etc.).
  • Fitting-out of the video-room at Saclay.
  • Construction of a multi-environment immersive simulation room at Saclay.
  • Provision of a WebEx video-conference system in each classroom.
  • Fitting-out of telepresence rooms at Saclay, Cadarache, Marcoule and Cherbourg-Octeville.
  • Test phase of the Klaxoon® Box, a tool integrating multiple functions that foster interaction within a group of trainees.


  • PWR C simulator of a pressurised water reactor operation in a normal situation.
  • SOFIA simulator of a pressurised water reactor operation in an accidental situation.
  • PWR M simulation modules on the operation of a pressurised water reactor to study a regulation, a function or system statuses.
  • 3D VERT simulator on radiation therapy treatments.
  • HAPTEO haptic master arm and 3D simulation software developed in partnership with the Oreka Group for training in remotely-guided and robotic operations.
  • DEMplus® for nuclear real time 3D simulator for operations in a nuclear environment, especially dismantling scenario studies, jointly developed with the CEA and the Oreka Group.

Serious game

  • OSIRIS serious game with real-time 3D navigation to train radiation protection operators and radiation protection specialists (personne compétente en radioprotection, PCR), jointly developed by the INSTN and the Oreka Group.

E-learning (remote lessons and practical exercises)

  • E-learning radiation protection modules developed in partnership with the Kaptitude Company: 1 introductory module, 5 core modules, 3 practical radiation protection modules; 2 modules on regulations planned.
  • Remote practical works, in real-time or filmed, on the ISIS training reactor.
  • Preparation of several MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) projects in nuclear engineering, radiation protection, nuclear physics, neutron physics and separation chemistry