Teachers and trainers

The INSTN mobilises a range of scientific, technical and teaching expertise to fulfil its teaching and training mission.

At the INSTN, 1,400 experts teach, or contribute to, academic and continuing training courses while pursuing their work in research, development and expertise, etc. in CEA laboratories as well as in national and international partner institutions. They comprise:

  • lecturer-researchers, professors or senior lecturers appointed by joint decree from the Institute's supervising Ministries;
  • experts in charge of teaching, appointed by the INSTN Director;
  • lecturers, programme managers and visiting lecturers, appointed by the INSTN Director.

The network of lecturer-researchers comprises:

  • 10 emeritus professors,
  • 53 professors,
  • 52 senior lecturers,
  • 38 lecturers.

The INSTN has assembled such a depth, range of knowledge and expertise, from CEA engineer-researchers and technicians, industry and safety authority researchers and experts, to university lecturers and health professionals, etc. As such, it can offer courses incorporating the latest scientific and technical developments and constantly adapts its training programmes.

Copyright charter

The INSTN provides lecturer-researchers and trainers involved in delivering its courses with a copyright charter, drafted in conjunction with the CEA’s Legal Affairs and Litigation Division.

The purpose of this charter is to inform and help them to not infringe copyrights owned by a third party. It does this by notifying them of the main procedures to follow when developing a course and respecting copyright issues. Any person involved with the INSTN undertakes to comply with the principles of this charter.