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Gestion des matériaux et des déchets dans le cadre d'un démantèlement

  • Marcoule

The registration for the international course "Materials and waste management in decommissioning" is now open.

In the framework of European ELINDER (European project in Learning Initiative for Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation), the INSTN and the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC) are jointly organizing the International course.

 Those topics will be presented:

  • Regulatory principles and strategies for nuclear material and waste management
  • Waste characterisation and zoning
  • Release of waste and materials
  • Waste logistics and transport
  • Types of waste and their management
  • Management of material and waste streams, including reuse or release
  • Practical case study – elaboration of a waste management plan
  • Information and communication
  • Technical visits on the Marcoule site.

Lectures are provided by international experts and professionals from CEA, EDF, EDF CYCLIFE, Orano, Andra, Tecnatom, Ecole Normale Supérieure  and the European Commission in the field of material and nuclear waste management in decommissioning.

Nuclear decommissioning is an activity that is expected to expand in the European Union: the industry needs highly motivated, qualified and experienced personnel in the near future.

Registering for the course includes :

  • The one-week face-to-face course at the INSTN CEA Marcoule
  • Access to the learning platform "Instart Learning", all course materials, pre-requisite testing, forum, videos, evaluation…
  • Lunches and breaks during the course week.

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