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3 jours (12 heures)
  • 25-27 mars 2020

Beryllium Worker training course - initial

Code référence : 76B
This training complies with article R4412-87 of the French Labor Code. The objectives for the attendees are to:

- master the main articles of French regulations concerning the risks associated with the handling of Beryllium
- Identify the different health risks associated with Beryllium exposure
- Appropriate basic hygiene rules to prevent exposure
- Correctly use the dedicated Respiratory Protection Equipment (FFP 3 Dust Mask) and Personnal Air Sampler (PAS)
- Observe instructions and correctly use the appropriate protective clothing when entering / leaving a Beryllium area
The program of this training course is tailored for the Beryllium workers of ITER Org and its subcontractors.
No specific skill is pre-requisited

- Welcome : Presentation of the INSTN, the training objectives, the teaching team and the program

- Applicable laws & regulations : Presentation of the main articles from the French (R4412, etc.) and European laws on the prevention of risks associated with the handling Beryllium

- IO safety guidance for offsite visits : IO internal procedure before and after visiting offsite Beryllium facilities (pre-visit checkup, offsite follow-up questionnaire, post visit reporting, etc.)

- Occupational health and safety considerations : Presentation of the routes of exposure , health consequences of different types of exposure (chronic, acute, etc.) , symptoms, medical follow-uo associated to Beryllium handling

- General good practice at BerylCo + BeST : presentation of the 8 pillars of the Beryllium worker protection model, on-site good practices recommended by BeST, good practices used at BerylCo

- Mask fit test : correct use of the FFP3 mask, quantitative adjustment test

- PAS training : Presentation of the APEX2 device, set up and operation

- Simulation of entry/exit into/from a beryllium area : hands-on exercice on the protective clothing pull-on and pull-off procedure, simulation of an entry in a Beryllium area and of the handling of Beryllium containing objects (smears, sealed bags, etc.)

- General beryllium good practice at Framatome : feedbackp from a facility using Beryllium : zoning, effluent management, entry/exit procedure, PPE used

- Final assessment : assessment questionnaire, certificates of attendance, assessment of the attendees satisfaction

Lectures + hands-on training at the INSTN Mock-up facility + final assessment questionnaire.

Session 2020


1310 €


3 jours (12 heures)

  • 25-27 mars 2020

Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :

  • M. Christophe TIFFREAU

Organisatrice(s) formation :

  • Mme Béatrice JACOB-SILVESTRI
    Tél. +33 4 42 25 37 80

Réf. 76B - Beryllium Worker training course - initial

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Session 2021

Aucune session n'est actuellement programmée pour 2021. Nous contacter.

Réf. 76B - Beryllium Worker training course - initial

Au format pdf/docx/xlsx, maximum 5Mo
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