DSM : Thesis SL-DSM-14-0141



Research field

Ultra-divided matter, Physical sciences for materials / Solid state physics, chemistry and nanosciences
Physical chemistry and electrochemistry / Solid state physics, chemistry and nanosciences


Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes based materials for High Energy Hybrid ultracapacitors


The aerosol CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method provides dense carpets of aligned carbon nanotubes (CNT) which applications are particularly promising in the field of nanocomposites combining aligned nanotubes and electronically conductive polymer (ECP) developed for the electrochemical storage of energy in ionic liquid media. In the H2E-CAP ANR project in collaboration with the University of Cergy (LPPI), Tours (PCM2E) and an 'end user' industrial partner we will develop the controlled growth of aligned CNTs on substrates of interest for the development of supercapacitors electrodes involving aligned CNTs and PCE or metal oxides. The objective of the project is to synthesize aligned CNTs carpets on metal using a newly developed laboratory process consisting of the pre- deposition of a ceramic layer at the substrate surface before the CNTs growth stage. In a second step we will evaluate the possibility to deposit PCE and metal oxides by different routes with the ultimate goal to extend the process to large surface. These new nanostructured electrodes will be associated with symmetric or asymmetric configuration in order to improve the performance of electrochemical hybrid supercapacitors in terms of energy density and power.


Institut rayonnement et matière de Saclay
Service Nanosciences et Innovation pour les Materiaux, la Biomédecine et l'Energie
Laboratoire Edifices Nanométriques
Centre : Saclay
Starting date : 01/10/2014

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CEA Saclay


Laboratoire Francis Perrin

Bât. 522, P. 249A

91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France

Phone : (+ 33 )1 69 08 91 87

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Paris Sud
Chimie Paris Sud

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Martine Mayne
DSM/IRAMIS/NIMBE/LEDNA - Laboratoire Francis Perrin



91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex

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