DSM : Thesis SL-DSM-14-0338



Research field

Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces / Solid state physics, chemistry and nanosciences
Theoretical Physics / Theoretical physics


Physical modeling of next generation devices : From atom to transistor


The size of the transistors on a processor has steadily decreased over the years, from 10 micrometers in 1970 to ~ 22 nm today. It might even reach 10 nm before 2020 ! At this scale, the physics of the devices becomes very rich and complex. It shows fingerprints of quantum mechanics, such as confinement and tunneling, which can be exploited to design original devices.

In this context, theory and modeling are expected to play an increasing role in the exploration of innovative concepts for micro-electronics. The objective of this PhD thesis is to model and understand the transport properties of next generation devices, such as transistors based on nanowires with diameter < 10 nm, or based on original materials such as graphene and MoS2. The most versatile approach for that purpose is the non equilibrium Green's functions method. It describes, in a quantum mechanical framework, the non-linear (high electric field) response of devices to all kinds of perturbations, such as surface roughness, impurities or electron-phonon coupling (lattice vibrations). The candidate will use a non-equilibrium Green's functions code developed at the laboratory. This code is at the state of the art and allows the modeling of realistic systems with unprecedented accuracy, from the atomic to the mesoscopic scale. It has received a prize in 2012 for its achievements on national high performance calculators (http://bull-world.com/v_8mrVJ_en). The results will allow to reach a better understanding of the physics of the the devices fabricated and characterized at CEA/LETI and STMicroelectronics, and to make original proposals for future developements. The candidate will also be given the opportunity to collaborate with the French and European partners of the CEA in this topic.


Institut nanosciences et cryogénie
Service de Physique des Matériaux et Microstructures
Laboratoire de Simulation Atomistique
Centre : Grenoble
Starting date : 01/10/2014

Contact person

Yann Michel NIQUET
CEA Grenoble


17, rue des Martyrs

38054 Grenoble cedex 9
Phone : 04 38 78 43 22

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University / Graduate School

Grenoble I (UJF)
Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble - Grenoble I -

Thesis supervisor

Yann Michel NIQUET
CEA Grenoble


17, rue des Martyrs

38054 Grenoble cedex 9

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