DSM : Thesis SL-DSM-14-0101



Research field

Mesoscopic physics / Solid state physics, chemistry and nanosciences


Study of quantum electronic properties of three terminal superconducting nanostructures


The understanding of physical properties of quantum coherent nanostructures is at the heart of the new fundamental aspects in nanoscience. In this context, superconducting materials are very interesting as described by a macroscopique wave function.

Thanks to nanotechnologies, it is now possible to fabricate complex nanostructures with multiple terminals that are entirely quantum coherent. A superconducting Qubit, the basic element of quantum information, is an emblematic realization of this new field of quantum engineering.

Another aspect of this growing discipline is the coupling of the new objects with the environment. In this domain, the researchers study the interaction between electronic and photonic mode within what is called the quantum electrodynamics.

In this PhD thesis, we propose to study the quantum properties of nanostructures with three superconducting terminals. We have recently shown that when these three superconducting terminals are connected through a piece of non-superconducting normal part, a current of correlated Cooper pairs, called quartets, can be emitted.

The first objective of the work is to extend such a study to similar nanostructures where the superconductors are connected through a tunnel barrier. This work opens the way towards the study of quantum electrodynamics with multiple terminals and therefore towards more and more complex situations from which new functionalities will emerge.

The work will be done at the Laboratory of Quantum Electronic Transport and Superconductivity (LaTEQS) of the SPSMS at the CEA/INAC. The student will join a group of some twenty people working in various aspects of electronic transport. He or She will have to partially work in a clean room for nanofabrication and will be using a dedicated dilution fridge for very low temperature measurements.


Institut nanosciences et cryogénie
Service de Physique Statistique, Magnétisme et Supraconductivité
Laboratoire de Transport Electronique Quantique et Supraconductivité
Centre : Grenoble
Starting date : 01/10/2014

Contact person

Francois LEFLOCH

17 rue des martyrs

38054 Grenoble cedex 09
Phone : 04 38 78 48 22

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University / Graduate School

Grenoble I (UJF)
Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble - Grenoble I -

Thesis supervisor

Francois LEFLOCH

17 rue des martyrs

38054 Grenoble cedex 09

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